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The menu offers a wide variety of meals you can order if you're simply not in the mood for pizza (which their pizza is amazing by the way).

I have been ordering their buffalo chicken deluxe sandwich with fries and sides of coleslaw and a pickle fragment. I add a 20 oz bottled soda to my order to get it to the $10 minimum for delivery.

I've gotten my food quickly when I've ordered it during week nights. Friday and Saturday nights are busy. I ordered food on a Friday night and they did arrive a tiny bit past their estimated delivery timeframe but it's totally forgivable given how busy it is.

The fries are awesome, the fried chicken in the sandwich is always hot, freshly fried and flavorful. The buffalo sauce is great tasting too and you have the option of getting mild or hot.

The delivery drivers have always been friendly and approachable.

I look forward to branching out to other items on their menu! Steak and cheese sandwich, here I come!

Definitely recommend!


Top Reviewer
The pizza and grinders were great as usual. We have been ordering from Paradise Pizza since they opened, excellent cooks snd usually perfect deliveries. Their dinners are also fantastic too.
This DELIVERY was on time but delivered to the wrong door, must be new delivery person who didn't read the instructions! Being unable to get to the front door quickly, we usually just have the order left on our back porch by kitchen door with instructions to ring the bell upon leaving order seeing it is paid by credit card, tip included then we can get the order on our time. ( handicapped due to surgery on back, hip in recent months, need cane assistance to get to front door that is further away)


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I am an over-the-road truck driver. I often find myself parked in strange parking lots in random places where I am stuck and unable to leave. When I do leave I have to go straight out to the highway because nobody wants big trucks on their parking lot. This service has made life a lot easier. While I'm getting unloaded I can just call for delivery.

I can order food that is much better and much healthier than you find in the truck stops on the road period that is a definite plus


1 review
My order was not fully correct but after calling they fixed it right away and sent the driver back! They are very nice and helpful! The driver was very polite. Me and my boyfriend order from here all the time and have only had one time there was an issue. I always recommend them to everyone. Big menu and great quality food! Love it!


1 review
Food is always delicious and appealing to the eye. Drivers are always very friendly and the food always gets her way before the time promised. 1 Time when they were extra busy, they called to let me know it may be a few extra minutes, which I felt was very responsible of them. Pricing is good for the portions given.

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1 review
I don't mind giving tips to drivers...however give me the option to give it to you not demand it. I didnt have change and before i could say " im going inside to get a tip" i was rudly asked "are you giving a tip? Thag immediatley turned me off off the whole experience. Overall i would order again i will defiantly pick up the next time though.

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